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Aircraft Decals

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24 Pack Contains: 6 Planes, 6 Hot Air Balloons, 12 Clouds.


Wall Decals are so on trend these days and are an easy way to completely change the look of a room!

They are super easy to install, just peel and stick (completely DIY, no need for a professional) They can be removed when needed. Our wall decals are made from linen and are super durable. 

If you keep the original backing, you can also move houses with the decals.

Things we adore about our wall decals:

♡ Made in New Zealand in our family owned and operated studio.

♡ Made from the highest quality wall fabric.

♡ Durable and long lasting, our wall decals will stay on your wall as long as you want them to.

♡ Will not damage your wall, 100% removable, therefore, perfect for renters!

♡ Easy to install, just peel and stick. If they fold back on themselves during installation, just peel apart and continue. 

We recommend installing decals on smooth walls only. We can not guarantee a successful installation on surfaces such as concrete and brick.