What are wall decals?

Our wall decals are shapes, patterns and designs that are printed on removable wall fabric. They are supper easy to install and are an affordable way to add a special touch to a room, or change its look entirely. 


Why should I choose to purchase from Meadow Decals?

Meadow decals prides itself in supplying high quality decals, whilst still being affordable. Every order is printed onto high quality and removable materials, you can personalise any room, without the worry of permanency. Unlike some other businesses, we aim to keep our product prices low, meaning more people can afford them. 


Are your decals suitable for renters?

Because our wall decals are removable, they will not damage your wall or leave behind a residue, making them perfect for people renting. 

Being reusable, if you move homes, you can just peel your decals off the wall, put them back on the original backing, then place them again on the desired wall. 


Where in the home can I use Meadow Decals?

Our decals are best suited for warm interiors and smooth surfaces. Standard painted walls with a smooth finish are the ideal place for your decals. Mirrors or smooth metal will also work.

We do not recommend applying our decals to textured walls, such as brick or concrete. Because these types of surfaces have raised bumps, it limits the amount of surface area for the sticker, increasing the chances of issues.

We are more than happy to send out a sample for you to try if you are unsure.


How easy are Meadow Decals to install?

If you follow the instructions included with every order properly, then extremely easy! It helps to not rush and make sure there is no dust on the wall. If the wall isn't clean then dirt and dust will stick to the adhesive and affect its quality. 

Because our decals are removable and reusable, you can move them around many times, until you find that perfect spot. Just be sure to put decals back on the original backing when they are not on the wall. Dust in the carpet and on other surfaces will affect the stickers effectiveness.


How long should I wait to use Meadow Decals on freshly painted walls?

As all paints are slightly different, we strongly recommend letting the wall completely dry and degas for 4 weeks. This is because even though paint may be dry to touch, it won't be full cured. 


How do I remove Meadow Decals?

The trick is to go slow and steady, find a corner at the top and carefully peel it away from the wall. Pull the decal or wall paper straight down against itself.

For our extra large decals or wallpaper, if they are slightly stubborn, all it might need is a little heat from a hairdryer as you go and it will come off mark free. The heat is only to warm and soften the adhesive slightly.


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