How to apply your removable wallpaper

Step one: Choose the wall you'd like to makeover. We recommend applying our range of products to smooth walls only (not brick & concrete)

Step two: Make sure the wall is clean from any dust or moisture. Dust can get stuck to the adhesive side and affect its ability to stick. Make sure the wall is completely dry prior to installation.

Step three: Make sure you have all your panels in the correct order (panels have numbers on the back. 1 goes on the left side of the wall) This insures the pattern lines up.

Step four: Peel back 20cm of the backing from the top. Position it on the wall, so that 2cm is above the scotia/trim/skirting (if you do not have a trim, then make 2cm go above the edge). Make sure the wallpaper is hanging straight down.

Step five: While slowly pulling back the backing paper, use the supplied squeegee to press the wallpaper down. Try to avoid air bubbles, but if you do get some, you can just pull the paper back and try again. If the paper fold back on itself at any point, just gently pull it apart. Our wall paper is very forgiving.

It is normal and 100% expected for the wall paper to slightly overlap to make the design line up.

Step six: Once all of the sheets have been installed, take a straight edge (ruler) and a stanley knife/blade and cut away the excess against the scotia/trim and baseboards.


Yep its that easy, no glue, no paste, water or stress!


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email