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Eucalyptus Wallpaper

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Are your walls looking a little empty? Or do you feel like you just need that finishing touch. Our removable and reusable wallpaper is a great way to completely change the way a room looks. 

It is super easy to install, just peel and stick (completely DIY, no need for a professional, especially with the squeegee applicator tool provided) It can be removed when needed. Our wallpaper is made from linen and is super durable. 

If you keep the original backing, you can also move houses with the wallpaper.

Do not place over paint that is already cracked or bubbling.

Things we adore about our wallpaper:

♡ Made in New Zealand in our family owned and operated studio.

♡ Made from the highest quality wall fabric.

♡ Durable and long lasting, our wallpaper will stay on your wall as long as you want it to.

♡ Will not damage your wall, therefore, perfect for renters!

♡ Easy to install, just peel and stick. If it folds back on itself during installation, just peel apart and continue. 

How to calculate number of panels:

Each Panel is 665mm in width, with a 10mm overlap (entire panel is 675mm, but only 665mm will be visible).

To find out how many panels you need, measure your wall in mm, and divide it by 665. Making sure to round up to the highest number. That number is the amount of panels you need.

For example, if my wall is 3200mm long (3.6metres) I divide 3200 by 665 which is 4.8.

So I would need 5 panels.

Feel free to put your wall dimensions in your order notes, we will double check the amount of panels is correct before printing.

If you need any help with this, feel free to email with your walls measurements, and we can tell you the number of panels needed.